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Auxiliary Equpments

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Model-32 Diesel Oil Rotary Oven



The merits of this product are listed below:

1.     convenient operation, less manual work and single person operation.

2.     Suitable for many kinds of roasting, including bread, toast, biscuit, cookie, snack and a variety of meat etc.

3.     Big roasting amount.

4.     Sound roast effect with consistent color, excellent taste.

5.     Energy-saving, imported burner with low gas consumes and low exhaust.

6.     Safe and reliable, with enclosed circuit design, and alarming is also equipped for releasing excess heat.

7.     Low trouble happening rate, firm and durable and convenient maintenance.

8.     Upper grade material, imported stainless steel and electronic components.

9.     Tray Size: 40*60/46*66/46*72cm