Wafer Biscuit Production Line

Tunnel baking oven (Gas/Electricity)


The hinge-with-bolt tunnel baking machine, which is outstanding in function, can make the mixture and baking process done automatically. It’s the most important wafer-manufacturing machine.

Main technical parameters

Gas baking machine

Viagra for the mass production of films, the number of 27 ~ 85 sets of templates. Under the syrup, baking a piece done automatically. Technical and functional . Oven dual furnace chamber. Inside the furnace chamber so that the heating effect of better outside the furnace room of the mechanical part of the longer life . Controlling part adopts Mitsubishi or Siemens color touch screen. Baking sheet can be displayed and set the running speed of the temperature of baking plates, the mechanical parts, the next plasma volume, ignition control, etc. . Gas system components are used for international brands, the whole high-temperature bearings are used in Germany SKF bearings, machine motor, reducer are using the German SEW . Baking sheet is made of gray cast iron. Long life, the best results the use of thermal energy, wafer-chip color uniformity . Built-in biscuit waste cleaning device . Wafer thickness setting range: 2.0mm ~ 3.2mm . Bake plate temperature control range: room temperature to 180 ° C