Biscuit, Wafer biscuit and Foods Packing Solution

Naked packing without tray QNF360



    Suitable for packing several pieces of biscuits into one package without tray
    Applicable for biscuits of square, round, oval and other shapes

Main technical data: 
    Capacity: 20 to 80 packs/minute
    Bag size:

    Length: 100 to 240mm
    Width: 40 to 80mm
    Height: 40 to 70mm

Floor space:
    Main machine (L x W): 4,100 x 965mm
    Feeding section (L x W): 3,100 x 370mm
    Power consumption: 4.1kW, single phase: 220V
    Net weight: 1,500kg
    Packing material: any heat-melt-cut sealing materials such as paper, PE, OPP, al

Mechanical features:

    Design of mechanical structure is simple and reasonable, convenient to operate and adjust
    Long seal device consists of three pairs of draw wheels, ensures high speed, stable and beautiful sealing
    Special tray-free tubing conveyance mechanism, stable and reliable
    Elaborate automatic feeding device able to take the packing items into the machine accurately
    Packaging size can be adjusted easily and quickly

Electrical features:
    Adopts PC control, reduces the mechanical contacting points and makes the system more stable and reliable
    Frequency control makes the operation easy and simple
    Adopts photoelectric sensor to test the color mark, non-contact control, two-way tracing

Optional auxiliary device:

    Automatic grouping device
    Automatic tidying device
    Automatic feeding device
    Automatic film connecting device
    Date printing device