Multi-functional Hard(Cracker) and Soft Biscuit Production Line


Single-color, Dual-color, Tri-color biscuits sheeting project

This is forming project for Single-color, Dual-color, Tri-color hard biscuits and all shapes soft biscuits, consist of:

2 x Three-roll pre-sheeter

1 x Three-roll sheeter/Laminator

3 x Two-roll sheeter

1 x Rotary cutter

1 x Transition machine

1 x Separating machine

1 x Scrap collection and return device

1 x Rotary Moulder

1 x Salt/sugar spreader

1 x Enter stove

1 x Oven driver and Belt tension device

1 x Electric/Diesel oil/Gas Tunnel Oven

1 x Out stove

1 x 90degree/180degree Curve (option)

1 x Oil Sprayer

1 x Cooling conveyor (one and three layers for option)

1 x Stacker

1 x Packing table