Multi-functional Hard(Cracker) and Soft Biscuit Production Line

Laminator pre-sheeting project Model SW-600,1000,1200
This is forming project for Cracker, Soda and all shapes hard and soft biscuits, conveyor belt working width 600mm, 1000mm and 1200mm, the oven baking capacity can be design from 100-1200kgs per hour, consist of:

1 x Laminator
3 x Two-roll sheeter
1 x Rotary cutter
1 x Transition machine
1 x Separating machine
1 x Scrap collection and return device
1 x Rotary Moulder
1 x Salt/sugar spreader
1 x Enter stove
1 x Oven driver and Belt tension device
1 x Electric/Diesel oil/Gas Tunnel Oven
1 x Out stove
1 x 90degree/180degree Curve (option)
1 x Oil Sprayer
1 x Cooling conveyor (one and three layers for option)
1 x Stacker
1 x Packing table